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Finding Rosy (or What Happens After Robin Meddles) - A No-Longer-Canonical Snippet

           Takes place immediately after 'It's Ten of the Clock'.                 There was a light in the chapel. Leo had been stopped three times by the household guard on his excursion to find Rosamund. They had all been anxious when they saw who it was (‘So sorry, my Lord,’) but he had shaken his head, and reassured each of them that he would rather they were over-cautious than lax. The side door of the chapel was thick, dark wood, but it swung quietly on its hinges, and he entered the nave. Half a dozen candles were burning in an elaborate stand on the high table. A figure in black was kneeling on the floor in front of them, and Leo relaxed a little.  She was here. She was safe. Granted, he wasn’t thrilled that she had come to the outer ward alone, even after the gates had been locked, but he didn’t need to bother her. He could just— ‘Good evening, my Lord.’  Ah. She’d heard him come in. Leo gave her a shallow bow. Rosamund looked up at him from the kneeling pad

It's Ten of the Clock: Do YOU Know Where Your Rosy Is?

(Have another Fantasy Heroine snippet, because Robin brings me joy, and the scene that comes right after this is currently doing my head in. This one takes place on the evening of the Feast of Remembrance.) ‘It’s ten of the clock, do you know where your wife is?’ Robin demanded, and Leo jumped. Leo was used to Robin appearing in unexpected places, but he had entered the Rose Room’s solar with uncanny stealth. Leo, who had been absorbed in one of the accounting ledgers that lined the bottom of the bookshelf, hadn’t even heard him. Leo shrugged. Robin crossed the room and glowered down at Leo, who waited to see if anything else was forthcoming. Robin said nothing further, so Leo returned to the ledger. ‘Why don’t you know where she is?’ ‘Why would I know where she is?’ Leo countered, turning a page. The ledger was flipped shut with a decisive thump . Leo looked up. ‘Because you won ,’ Robin said, exasperated. ‘The pair of you, with a little help from yours truly, of course,’ he added wi

Grand Theft Equine: Images That Spreadshop Won't Wear

 Apparently Spreadshop thinks this Grand Theft Equine logo is too reminiscent of some other property or other. Tch. Well, by the kind permission of the person who made it for me, here are some images for you to do with as you like!