How To Filter Words In YouTube Comments

Do you have a YouTube channel? Do you want to hold comments with particular words in them to check  (or delete) before they appear below your videos?
YouTube can do that! With a feature called Blocked Words
To access Blocked Words, go to your YouTube main page, open the menu by clicking your face or whatever your icon is, and click Creator Studio.

YouTube main page with Creator Studio circled

Now look to your left. What’s that? It’s not a narwhal, but it IS the Creator Studio menu. Click COMMUNITY.

YouTube menu with Community tab circled

Fab. Now from the dropdown menu choose Community Settings:

YouTube Menu with Community settings highlighted

And lo, what light from yonder window breaks? It is the Blocked words list. Have at it. You can also set comments to ‘hold potentially inappropriate comments for review’, if your videos are in English.

Screenshot of blocked words box in YouTube settings

And you're done!


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