BoingBoing Likes My Mary Sue Video. Thanks, BoingBoing!

It's always nice to be appreciated, and Caroline Siede apparently appreciated my History of Fanfiction series (particularly my defence of Mary Sue which I entitled I Love You, Mary Sue because nothing says fun like outrage clicks!) so much she wrote a whole post about it on Boingboing. Thanks, Caroline!

Come for the history of the term 'Mary Sue', stay for the epic tale of Draco and Hermione Kobra and Jemima. And also My Immortal. Because what discussion of Mary Sues would be complete without Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Tara Way?


  1. You got noticed by Cory? I did a I Write Like with two outings I have -- King James Only Examined saw his unique register then in print Apt. 2W in The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Ten. The Pattern Of Diagnosis had a very haunting register enough as it is then having the result of David Foster Wallace; Ramsey Campbell had the gall to accuse me of plagiarizing him when I didn't see the respective story Wallace did but seen some of his articles over the years and noticed the register. The uncanny aspect I wasn't trying to sound like the downstate professor. Just shocked the hell out of me because the story saw a scary direction when three friends died under forty. One of them was the friend I was talking with as I was writing An Eye In Shadows the barb at the high profile member of Fandom Wank for bullying me.


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