Vaginas: Like Cake and Onions, They Have Layers

I made a video about recent advances in obstetrics and fertility treatments and neonatal care.
I have cunningly disguised this fact by calling it MAN VS. MACHINE: PREGNANCY WARS because c’mon, that’s a pretty good title, right?
The premise is: which would be easier: growing a baby from scratch in an entirely artificial uterus (bio bags), or knocking up a natal male (male pregnancy)?

(Basically it’s The Matrix vs. Junior, but hopefully less horrifying than either of those movies).

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The video can be seen here:

ANYWAY, I had to cut out a bunch of interesting stuff about vaginas and their structure because I couldn’t find any good pictures and also because it wasn’t really directly relevant, but here it is for your edification because VAGINAS ARE LIKE CAKES, OR MAYBE ONIONS, AND I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW BECAUSE IT’S KIND OF AWE-INSPIRING.


Let's talk about vaginal structure.

Vaginas come in four layers: 
- mucous membranes over 
- blood vessels over 
- smooth muscle fibres over 
- collagen and elastin fibres. 


When you’re pregnant, hormones like relaxin act on the collagen and elastin fibres to relax them, and on the smooth muscle fibres to relax and separate them from each other
Which is how a cavity that is about 2.5cm wide and 5cm deep in its resting state can stretch to accommodate a 10cm diameter baby head.


(Man, that meme is really old. I’ll show myself out.)

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