I Learned Stage Combat (And It Was Amazing But The Comedown Sucks)

I don't usually put my videos up on here, mostly because I figure if you want to see them you can go to my YouTube channel and subscribe. (SO CLOSE TO 10,000 YOU GUYS).

But I did have a lot of fun with this one, and also I HAVE THOUGHTS that didn't quite resolve themselves into the kind of coherent sentences that made it into the video, so let's talk about stage combat.

Or actually, let's talk about the comedown.

Because I spent almost an entire week eating, sleeping, and breathing all this new stuff. And then I did my exam, went home and...well, yay, family! Cake! All my muscles hurt much less after a couple of days of not being constantly made to do All The Things!

But two weeks later, there I was trotting along to a Shakespeare Festival fight workshop to go through all the basics of unarmed again with a bunch of random strangers, because wow, I missed it like burning.

Leading said workshop was my instructor Duncan, but also helping out was Meg, who had been taking the Advanced course (which involved, among other things, AXE FIGHTING. Meg is kind of terrifying but also lovely. Actually, "kind of terrifying but also lovely" describes many of the people I am now Facebook friends with.)

And so I was immediately there like HELLO FRIEND HOW ARE YOU and during the break we commiserated about how much we missed pretending to hit people in the face. Not just because it's fun, (though it is) but also because there's a goal to work towards, and it turns out that goals to work towards are things I need in my life.

Here is a thing I learned while trying to describe this feeling via Doctor Google: post-wedding blues are apparently a problem a lot of people (particularly women) have. And I think it's the same kind of thing.

You have this goal that you're aiming for, and planning for, and fretting over the details of, and it consumes lots of your time and energy...and then it happens and...errr? So a lot of people come back from honeymoon and think, "Well, now what?"

Well, now...something. Turns out accomplishing things feels great but resting on your laurels is really dull. So onwards and upwards?

Because I think I'm now a little bit hooked on how good it feels.

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